Light Painting

Remember the magic of the sparkler as a child?  Watching the light trail as you whirl it around, wishing that the trail would stay long enough for you to finish your pattern?  Well now you can!!

Using techniques dating back to 1889 and used by Picasso in a series of paintings we can help capture the sparkler magic and create some of your own masterpieces with a print of each of them for you and your guests to enjoy.

Custom Prints

Booth Barmy have a great selection of print designs which can be customised with your own font, wording and colour choices or choose from one of our premium designs.

All packages include

  • 3 hours of fun

  • Up to 8 prints for each visit to the booth so more people get a print to treasure

  • Email / SMS text copies sent to guests

  • A friendly & fun booth attendant

  • Fantastic props

  • Personalised prints

  • Online photo gallery

  • Digital copies of all photos

  • Facebook gallery of all images

Additional options

  • Extra time

  • Guest book with additional print

  • Choice of prints from our premium designs

  • Additional prints

Wanting Inspiration?

Create your own photo or video booth here.
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